Dec. 31st, 2009 05:15 pm
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What a headrush of a year, dominated by life and (upcoming) death. For the first six months I was busily spending most weekends preparing the house for a baby. Four days after she was born my defacto father-in-law was taken to hospital, diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. The next six months were spent juggling baby with trips of hospitals and fighting beaurocracy in trying to find him a place in a high-care nursing home. This has simply been the most intense year of my life.

Still, for what it is worth:

Best moments of 2009: Georgina's birth (and every smile she gave afterwards).

Otherwise the rise and rise of Nottingham Forest. Escapign from relegation was a thrill, while form this season has been brilliant. Actually seeing them thump Preston on the television was unexpected and a wonder to watch.

Worst moment of 2009: Guess.

Best gig of 2009: Well we only went to one by finally seeing Machine Translations at GOMA. Next year we are seeing the Pixes though.

Musical discoveries of 2009: Dizzee Rascal, definitely. And late Future Sound of London in proggish mode. But I don't think I actually bought a CD released this year.

Television in 2009: Plenty of Time Team and Top Gear of course, and some Doctor Who, though to some extent I have to agree with Lawrence Miles idea Tennent's Doctor is a little bit of a white middle-class male telling human's how to live their lives. Seeing more and more football (soccer) on the free-to-air thanks to One, and Stephen Fry in America was a wonder. And the ABC showing QI. Definitely.

Books in 2009:  Nothing from this year, but Alistair Cooke's account of in America in 1942 is enthralling. I finally read some Chrispher Hitchens, and I'm sure I started the year with Robert Hughes' Goya. And loads of Doctor Who and Ian Rankin as well.

And also in 2009: Able to see Dave and ADM. So good to see absent friends. Sarah's wonderful knitted jumper for Gerogina, it is beautiful. Hommus - yum.

So a scant year, dominated by other things. I am now in 6 months leave with Georgina, so hopefully next year will be better and more productive.

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