Apr. 10th, 2010 10:36 pm
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Georgina is nine months on Tuesday. She will probably mark the occasion with giggling, pulling her mum's hair, and being grumpy due to teething. She has three now, all on the bottom, which was a problem as I put the Bonjela on the top expecting those incisors to come through next.

She has also received her first bruise aided and abetted by Dave, though the fault was hers. She decided to headbut a wooden floor from the distance of about an inch. Dave was holding her while sitting on the floor, and she decided she had to reach for something NOW. She, needless to say, couldn't quite reach. There were tears for about a minute and, after rocking her and checking she was okay, she quickly decided she was interested in something else other than pain, and reached for that, so I knew she was okay. I'm rather proud of the bruise and a little relieved because it was inevitable it would happen sometime. She's strong and strong-willed, so it won't be the last.

I have a bit over two months of leave left. Now the terminal illness in the family has run it's course, I can relax and enjoy the time with Zelda and Georgina. Plus we have started to do up the house again, having now prepped two walls in the loungeroom for painting. They are the only two which don't get natural sunlight, so they get a lot of mould, and we get allergies to it. And they are pink. That will soon change. The other two walls will be done after a window is put into a boarded up pane on which is mounted the world's least powerful but also most broken air conditioner. I've also moved a free-standing kitchen cupboard which the previous owners decide to attach to the kitchen bench with screws, and then fill/glue the side of the cupboard to the corner of the wall. I broke a kitchen tile removing it but the kitchen is far more open as a result.

Otherwise nothing is happening. Blake 7 watching has stalled midway through series 3. I've almost finished a Tom Clancy novel and am also reading a collection of Robert Fisk articles. Bill Bailly and Sandi Totsvig in the same room for QI was hilarious.


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