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Georgina is asleep, and Zelda is out, so quietness is only accompanied by the whirr of the fans. It's almost summer. Spring has a habit of passing me by, partially because I have one eye on the holidays I can take around Christmas, plus the oncoming cricket season, and partially because I still have an Armidalian mindset that Spring is when the University winds down and a good proportion of the interesting people are about to leave town, to return in the Autumn, if at all.

I honestly can't remember too much about this Spring, except for being sick again with baby-transmitted viruses. The poor mite even got hand-foot and mouth and had to stay home from childcare for another week. But otherwise it has been unexpected bills and work.

I did, however, get to throw out some episodes of Musicality. Having bought a microphone, I could churn out some proper home-recorded radio which got pushed out through the web on UQ's own student radio station. It's not quite as good as UNE's actual-real radio with online streaming thrown in for good measure (with thanks to the University of Nottingham and ADM). But UQ's JacRadio is going along quite well, though is now on hiatus for the summer. Which means I can relax during the last couple of months of working part time instead of workign to weekly radio deadlines. Pre-recording radio is fun, but not as good as just sitting in a station for an hour or two and doing everything live.

Ah, it's the phone. Who disturbs the quietness.


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