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This year has been one of the worst on records. Maybe not the worst - I've lived through a few things - but it's overstayed it's welcome.

It started with 3 months of pallative care and finally death of my father-in-law (or whatever the term for a de facto is). All this with a daughter under 1. And then he died.

A short reprieve before Georgina started child care. And one of herself, Zelda and mostly I were sick for the next four months. Feeling run down for months on end is not fun. 

And since June things started breaking. Actually this started off not too bad. The hand-me-down TV died. Both Zelda and I have only ever had hand-me-down TVs, So we bought a new TV just in time for the World Cup. But then the clutch went. And the shocks. And the travel cot just as we arrived on holiday in Hervey Bay. Then the car door handle. And ceiling fan in Georgie's room. Then my wisdom tooth. And the... And the... etc etc.

It's been a constant year on interruption, no rhythm, only the unexpected and mostly not nice.

Christmas was actually fun. I was determined to have fun. We had a great day. Georgie opened her first Duplo and I've played with my new digital radio and Lego. My mother cooked us a lovely lunch. Then on Boxing Day Mum and Zelda's family came around to our place for a lunch I cooked. The Ashes was engaging and Forest stuffed Dervy 5-2.

Then the tyre in the car started going thankfully I stopped before we blew out and crashed on the freeway. So even this lovely holiday period has become hasn't been smooth.

So sod you 2010.  Don't come again.

And on to 2011. Please be beige.
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