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May. 29th, 2011 10:33 pm
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Zelda should now be on a flight on her way back from Singapore, where she spent the weekend for work. So it's been Georgie and I for the weekend. And when she's been asleep, I've found I've written more than I have for months, plus got a backlog of radio admin up to date. The writing has mostly been a concept for a series of music articles, plus some bloggy bits. (If anyone wants to see the radio side of things, jsut head to, which is where most of my limited spare time is held.)

Oh, and I completely failed to see a free live gig with The Black Sorrows. I was there, at a new open air stage in a new park in our parts, which they were opening. But Georgie was scared by the Scooby Doo show, is off-colour anyway, and it rained. We were sheltering in a barbeque area, but this created consternation in the mind of the almost 2 year old, who wanted to BE OVER THERE, over there being in the cold wind and rain.

We went home. No Joe Camilleri for me.

I've also checked up on some old blogs I haven't read in ages - so long one of my favourite Doctor Who novelists got pregnant, had a baby and called her daughter Georgina. So there you go.

Otherwise the year is flying past, this fulltime work thing is like water off a ducks back in terms of stress (ie none) and we'll get around to doing things to the house soon, promise, really.

(Oh, and Georgie has a nice line of vocabulary: yellow, toast, wall, toes, nose, ears, mouth, doggie, play-do. Well in some cases a partial match, but that's what she means.)
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